Friday, April 18, 2014

HEDD 1/21/15

4/16 CD1
Called RE's

4/17 CD2
NO CYST!!! Celebrate!!!!

4/18 CD3
Start: CLOMID!

4/19 CD4 Clomid

4/20 CD5 Clomid

4/21 CD6 Clomid

4/22 CD7 Clomid

4/23 CD8

4/24 CD9 RE APPT

Hopefully trigger and IUI!

Things have been on hold.

Back in February I had an AO cycle. A 51 day cycle!!!! It was effing ridiculous. I had to take Provera, which made me dizzy and nauseated, but it got the job done!

Ok so fast-forward to CD1 in March.
I called my RE's office.
"My period is finally here lets do baseline!" - Me

"Oh Dr. SoandSo is on vacation..."- RE office

I'm sitting here thinking well  Dr. SoandSo my ovaries dont fucking take vacation. I ask  " what is the protocol, do I go to my OBGYNS for my baseline?" - Me

"Oh well I dont know about that...." - RE office

Well maybe you should figure it out...."oook well can you figure it out...." - Me

"Sure I will ask." - RE office

Calls back and tells me to go OBGYNS for baseline.


Baseline at OBGYNS

CD3 at Labcorp


RE office calls,"you have a cyst on your rt ovary...not moving forward with clomid this cycle."

Next RE appt
SHG - polyp
Cyst grew



CD 19
Polyp removed
Cyst shrink in size

CD37 4/15

Friday, February 21, 2014

I thought it would be blue.

We went the Urologist on Thursday 2/20/14. "Anatomy looks great...blah blah blah... we could run blood test". I kinda responded with "LETS RUN blood test...scrotum ultrasound, lets do the full panel of test!" I'm so sick and fucking tired of Dr.'s not taking this shit seriously.
At the urologist they took J's blood and brough out the medical tape/gauze stuff to wrap around the cotton ball and at the OBGYN it is pink, so I thought at the urologist it would be blue.

On the bright Mr. got a new job, his new health insurance starts day 1 of active employment  not 90 days in! His insurance also covers IF testing! It also covers our RE!!!!

I start provera today the side effects look to be intense, which should be fun!

Monday, February 17, 2014


2/10: Progesteron super .9 when they wanna atleast a 3.
2/11: IUI consult.
2/13: Mr. got a new JOB!
2/20: Mr. Urologist Appt!

Waiting on CD1 for: SHG, Bloodwork (ughhh more), start CLOMID cycle!

Monday, February 3, 2014

Estradiol, OPKS, TEMPs, holy EWCM batman, and upcoming appointments!

Stuff going on:
  •  Estradiol - the bottle says take 2x a day orally. My OB/RE says 2x a day vaginally. My discharge is blue, like a smurf!

  • I still havent got a +opk. I took that for granted.

  • My temps are still hella wonky thanks heater, I'm fucking over winter.

  • Today I got soooo much EWCM, its crazy I wonder if its related to the estradiol???


2/3: I have a 1 pm ultrasound today. I hope my lining is nice and thick...I want to know if I ovulated.
2/4: Mr.  has an appt tomorrow, for Urologist referral @ 8am, I'm going. 
2/7: I have blood work
2/11: IUI consult

To top off the TTC/APPT stress my co-worker has to have knee surgery that will render her useless for 2 weeks. She will be gone. This is could add to appointment scheduling stress. I'm soo anxious about how this will pan out.

Thursday, January 30, 2014


CD3 Bloodwork:
Well get numbers here soon.

Normal uterus and open tubes!

Follicle on left side: 17mm

However, my lining was thin, we will be expecting a phone about that soon. My Ob had to contact my RE's office.


Monday, January 27, 2014

Tomorrow is HSG day!

I took pto for the HSG tomorrow. I'm nervous/excited.

I've been having trouble with my BBT the past couple of morning have the heater on at night is totally screwing me up.

I'm just ready to get the IUI rolling and get PREGNANT!